We have a national network of the most vetted financial professionals in the industry, so you can expect an appointment to be scheduled within 72 hours. During your discovery and development conversation, you can ask any life or money management question you have. Initial consultations generally last 45 minutes. There is a fee for a personal consultation, but aside from that, there is no further obligation. If you cannot meet in person, you have both telephone options and a virtual discovery call. In this case, please be sure to let our us know your time zone when completing the questionnaire.

What is the value of conflict-free insight?

We are a team of independent life and money managers. Our clients pay a flat fee – based on their situation – for our life and money insights. The initial investment, for a comprehensive discovery call with our team, is $497. During your conversation, if you’re interested in moving forward, we will be able to quote you a flat fee based on the solution and time frame required. We ask for an initial investment in yourself because of the skilled professionals in our network. We have a non-traditional approach that places you at the center of the conversation.

We look forward to helping you maximize your money and human potential, and we are confident that we will provide a positive ROL (Return on Life).

During your discovery call with us, we believe you will discover, uncover, and gain insight that will provide great value. Before the end of the conversation, our team will ask if you felt the time has been valuable. And if you felt like you didn’t get your questions answered or didn’t learn anything new, you won’t owe us a thing for the time.