Understanding Neurofinance


Today, you have access to more information than ever before, through more sources, in a world that seems to be more complex. To successfully navigate all of this information, you need to understand how human behavior affects your life and money matters.
Here we are using microfinance to understanding your mind and money.

Holistic Planners has developed a process that shows you how the brain’s decision-making systems have been evolving for millions of years, and how they shape investors’ outcomes and choices about everything from spousal selection to how you invest your time and money. You’ll discover how understanding brain-mechanics will propel you to maximize your return on life and money.

According to leading neuroscientists, 95 percent of all your thoughts, emotions, and learning occur before we are even aware of it. Yet, most advisory firms forgo the vast subconscious and instead target the rational, work conscious mind and traditional financial concepts. If you want to maximize your life and money, it’s time to stop underestimating your true brain potential. Through the wonders of modern neuroscience, tools now exist that can help explain the cognitive process. When you understand how your brain works, you can utilize the powerful subconscious and get better results for less risk.

Holistic Planners explains how to apply neuroscience and behavior research to better maximize your total well-being. Our team studies the way the client’s brain responds to market volatility, pass setbacks, self-limiting beliefs, and life patterns. Planners use this to measure a client’s preference, what a client reacts to, and why clients make certain choices.

Neurofinance can benefit your family or company- whether a novice or advanced investor -in both intangible and tangible ways. Get started with one of our three planning options:

The Ladder is our program geared towards those who are serious about their financial well-being but don’t have a plan or process in place. The program is focused on career alignment, professional development, and cash flow management. The ladder educates you on a new perspective on how you should approach life and money management. The ladder leads you to our next phase which is the bridge.

Typical Client Profile

Women: Age 30-45
Couples: Age 30- 45 newly married i.e., 1-5 years
Income: $75,000- $350,000
Industry: Medicine, real estate, education or entrepreneur
*Assets aren’t that important as we believe in investing in clients with potential.
Minimum Fee: $2,500 or 3-hour project session at $750

The Bridge is our program geared toward those who are well established but would like a financial coordinator. The planning phase is focused on life and asset allocation, portfolio construction, income planning, and estate planning The bridge takes you through a transition by the way of a new perspective on retirement readiness through a lens of neuroscience. We believe this is the most important phase of our planning process because if you don’t navigate this season of your life well you won’t make it to the bubble.

Typical Client Profile

Women: Age 45-80
Couples: Age 45-80 Married for more than 20 years
Income: $150,000 – $1,500,000 household
Industry: Medicine, real estate, education or entrepreneur asset Minimum: 250,000

The Bubble is our most comprehensive program that draws upon of series of in house resource partners to act on your behalf. Structured after the concierge medicine model or virtual family office it centers around family governance, succession planning, and family dynamics. The bubble provides you all the life logistic support and unique alternative investment concept available.

Typical Client Profile

Age 55-85 Passive
Income: $1 to 5 million
Industry: Real Estate Developer or Entrepreneur
Asset Minimum: 2.5 million

Holistic Planners delivers some of the most unique perspectives and research, giving you a deeper look and understanding on how best to maximize your life and money. We can help you better understand you so our work together will produce your ideal outcome.