In little more than a decade and a half, Washington-based Holistic Planners has become one of the most active and progressive life and money management firms in the region. The company's owes its rapid rise to a unique perspective and principles based on neuro and behavioral finance.


Timothy Robertson

Research Analyst

Lori Wark

Chief Compliance and Content Manager

Demetrius Felder

Managing Partner

Graeme Hart

Director of Financial Planning


Focus is our greatest strength. Many companies try to be all things to all people. Our company is structured to be the opposite. Each advisor is tasked with a specific division. This automatically allows the advisor to serve their clients better based on speciality.

Many divisions with one mission to serve you.

Demetrius Felder

Letter From CEO

As I reflect on our progression over the last 17 years, I am extremely proud of how Holistic Planners performed as a team and what we accomplished. 2017 will be another record-setting year for the partners and associates of Holistic Planners.

Across all business units (women above 45, couples who have been married for more than 20 years, business owners and a very select group of emerging professionals), we will continue to strive to wow, challenge and inspire our clients in the years ahead.

We are extremely lucky to have such a talented team of associates. I am always humbled by the quality of our team and the level of commitment and competence that is evident in our offices and business units across the sectors. The success of 2016 and our strong position entering 2017 speak to the quality and depth of our team. We look forward to another great year in 2017.


Demetrius Felder

Chief Executive Officer