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When most people think about investments they find it intimidating and sometimes overwhelming.

Holistic Planners empowers woman and families with the tools to make sense of what most firms try to make seem complex and confusing. Built off independent and proprietary process, that is based on human behavior and neuroscience. 

We were one of the first to use the holistic approach.  

Our investment philosophy and process is driven by human dynamics and neuroscience. By leveraging neuroscience and behavior backed research we are able to better craft a unique investment strategy for each client.  

NeuroEconomics and Behavioral Finance

Understanding that clients sometimes make financial decisions based on emotions we believe understanding more about you will allow us to help you make better investments. 

Portfolio Protection and Preservation

Most of our clients come to us with a nest egg and trust us to provide insight on how to preserve and protect what in some cases have taken a lifetime to accumulate or the result of a sudden windfall. 

Our only job is to preserve our clients capital because you have won the game of life so our job is not to lose it in the last inning.  

Innovative, Inspired and Independent

We are not a huge wall street firm or a billion dollar ria which in our mind provide us the unique ability to serve our client better. We don't make claims to know everything but we have a deep passion for finding the knowledge neccessary to provide you with knowledge that you need. .

Without Conflict, Value Based 

We are fee-only which as we stated throughout the site makes us free to provide you the best conflict fee advice.  We ask our clients to measure us beyond the rate of return but the value we bring to their lives.